Thursday, July 31, 2008


Enough blogs, already, huh? Chris and Craig are at the mall, so I had them drop me off at Paneras so I could get some computer time. I've posted some more pictures - we've finally organized all of them. We created 3 slide shows of about 200 pictures each to show the highlights of our trip.

Benajmin and Alexander are still at camp, while Jonathan enjoys his time as an only child. Right now he is at Bible School at my parents' church. Craig came over yesterday, as did my friend Tom. We hung out in the afternoon and played a little four square. Then Tom left and the three of us played two games of Ticket To Ride. Chris and Craig stayed up until 1:30 playing a Settlers Card game, too.

Today we walked the mall and then played Ticket to Ride again. We're playing Settlers tonight, and will probably play something else tomorrow morning before Craig goes home. Keeping busy keeps my mind off Alexander, whom I hope is having a great time at camp!!!

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