Thursday, June 23, 2011

More pics

Want some more Dells pictures? Here are all of them, which I finally uploaded to snapfish. You'll have to copy and paste the link to get to it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We're off again!

Tomorrow is the big day! Chris and I leave for London at 6:15PM, flying out of Philly. From London, we're taking a train to Dover and staying overnight. On Saturday, we will board a cruise ship bound for Norway. It's a 7 day cruise, with 4 stops. After that, we'll spend a few days in Canterbury and fly out of London 2 weeks after we arrive. Meanwhile, the boys will be in Allentown with my parents, and they will also attend one week at Bear Creek Camp. They're excited for camp. We're excited for Europe. A good vacation all around. We'll be off of facebook and email for awhile, but I'm sure we'll have plenty of pictures to share when we return.

Dells boat trip, part 3

Well, the boat trip wasn't all about getting wet. We saw some amazing formations.

At one point, we got off the boat to walk to "witch's gulch." Here all the cousins are looking at something....

I was amazed how the trees seemed to just grow out of the rocks!

This was certainly true. When we went in circles, we slid all the way across the bench. What fun!

Another formation

Dells boat tour, part 2

Our guide was great - he did all sorts of tricks in the water, splashing the entire boat. The kids loved it! It also gave us a chance to try out our new waterproof camera.

Just a bit wet...

Look! It worked!

Tom, Cindi, and Chris getting splashed.

Somehow my time/date stamp got turned on during our trip. It was NOT January 4th, 2009!

Dells boat tour, part 1

We decided it would be a good idea for the kids to see the actual dells, not just the water parks. There were two choices for tours - a slow boat ride that lasted 2 1/2 hours, or a jet boat ride that lasted about an hour. We chose the jet boat tour. Here are our "before" pictures while we were still dry. Mom and Dad Weinrich chose to take the slow tour while we were on the fast one.

5K in the Dells!

While out to dinner Friday night, we saw signs for a 5K. We quickly looked it up and saw it was for the next morning. Chris and I decided to go run it. That way we could eat more cake at the wedding:) Turns out it was a race to raise money for Melanoma research. They raised $40,000 that day!

Finish line afterwards

Finish line

For a local race, it was pretty big. We both had good times. It started at 8:30, way later than in Florida. Perfect weather, and a beautiful course!

Then someone offered to take our pictures together. How nice!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wisconsin Dells waterpark mania!

We are staying in the Wilderness Lodge, one of the bigger waterparks in the Dells. We have rented a 5 bedroom cabin - for 13 people altogether. It's worked out well. Everyone has a place to sleep, and it has a full kitchen and 4 bathrooms. But the best part is access to all of the waterparks. And there are 8 in this resort! Here they are waiting to go down the lazy river slide.

An indoor park. Notice the windows above - tanning without ever going outdoors. This is a huge wave pool with gigantic waves.

Our favorite ride - the Hurricane. We just about flipped out, and it was awesome!

The boys had fun playing "wipeout."

View from a top one of the big slides.


On our first day of our summer trip, we drove to Indianapolis. It took us 16 1/2 hours, not bad for 1000 miles. The boys were great in the car. We got to Loui and Carl's house about 9:30 and were able to relax for a day before driving to the Dells. We had a fantastic dinner on Monday night. Jonathan asked Carl if he had "anything with wheels," and this is what he found. They pushed each other all around the yard.

We used the basketball court for a game of Horse and a big game of four square.

The ribs Loui smoked and Carl served.

During the day, we went to a state park for a few hours and hiked over 2 miles. The boys played on the playground while Chris and I ran around the path, probably about 2 more miles. The weather was perfect. It was so nice to be able to relax and play for a day.


We had a wonderful time at the wedding. It was held outside, and the weather was perfect - not too hot, and the rain held off. Afterwards, we had a blast dancing the night away at the reception.

The whole Weinrich clan.

Congrats to Tom and Michelle Kurtz!
Our family, all dressed up for the wedding.

Mom and Dad Weinrich, in a picture taken by Jonathan, our photographer for the night.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A day in Indianapolis!

We spent today in Indianapolis. Initially, we thought we would drive downtown, but at Loui's suggestion, we decided to visit a state park instead. What a perfect choice. After we let the boys sleep in (till 9:00!!), we had breakfast and drove about 10 minutes. We spent the morning hiking, running, and playing on the playground. Loui came home from work at the same time we got home, so we had lunch together and spent the afternoon visiting. Then she cooked us a fabulous dinner of ribs, which we shared with her parents. Cap the evening off with four square and dessert, and you have a perfect day!

Not sure how I uploaded two of the same picture....

Four square in Loui's backyard
Carl getting the ribs out of the smoker. Yum!!!

The boys found ways to entertain themselves, as usual.

Loui's parents

Loui and Carl

A slightly blurry picture of Chris and I. Appropriate after having 2 glasses of wine.
While we were eating dessert, a hot air balloon flew right over us!

Balloon again

Our vacation begins!

Yesterday we left Port Orange at 4:58AM. We usually try to leave at 430, but we had gotten to bed a little late the night before. After 16 1/2 hours, we made it to Indianapolis! The boys were excellent. Not a fight out of them the whole time. I think they watched about 5 movies, which kept them quiet and entertained.

Now we are in Indianapolis, staying with my college roommate and her husband, Loui and Carl. Today they both had to work, so we plan on going to a park to exercise. I still feel stiff from yesterday. Tonight we are having dinner with Loui's parents, then it is off to the Dells in the morning!