Monday, June 29, 2009

Kutztown Folk Festival

Benjamin and Alexander made leather bracelets, assisted by Gram.

Stamping his name

Our kids and the Scott kids. Doesn't benjamin look thrilled???

The adults - Greta, Jim, Karen, and Chris

1,000 quilts in the quilt barn. All for sale.


On Saturday, we drove up to Bear Creek to pick up Alexander and Benjamin from camp. We left camp in a rush, with Alexander crying and being held back while we got into the van. We knew from experience to make a quick getaway and not prolong the "goodbye" part. On the way there, at first he refused to put on his seat belt so I couldn't drive (I did anyway.) Then he wouldn't put his shoes on so he wouldn't have to go (we made him go anyway.)

Jack, their cousin, was there, too. Jack and Alexander were in the same cabin, which helps a lot. Benjamin was promoted to the "middlers" unit for 5th and 6th graders. He and Jack had a great time.

Jonathan can't wait until next year, when he's old enough to go to "try-camp," a 3 day program for first graders.

So, how did Alexander do? This is Allison, a floating counselor for the juniors. She was his pal throughout the week, helping him when he got worried. She came in handy the one day that another boy in his cabin threw up - right in front of Alexander!!! He got through that episode, which is pretty amazing, given his anxiety about throwing up.

We asked Alexander how camp was, and he didn't rave about it. He didn't hate it, either, which is typical Alexander. He had a good time overall. Our challenge will be to get him to remember the good times, not the bad. As he gets worried about things, he tends to block out the good memories and focus on the bad.
Will he go back next year? We'll see. It's ultimately up to him, and he has until December to decide.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Joey and Jonathan

With their siblings at camp, Jonathan and his cousin Joey got to hang out together for a few days. Yesterday we took them to Easton to the Crayola Factory.

Jonathan's hungry caterpillar

Using magic clay

After lunch, playing around by the fountain

Learning how canals work.

Monday, June 22, 2009


On Saturday, we got an offer on our house, and today we came to agreement!! The buyer, who originally wanted to close on July 31st, has agreed to close September 25th, hopefully fairly close to our finish date of the new house. We signed the papers and they've been faxed to our agent. Then we bought two bottles of wine to celebrate tonight!! Hooray!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Reading Phillies Game

Pictures are in reverse order, for some reason. We had a great time at the Phillies last night. They won 4-0 and we were treated to fireworks after the game. Getting home at 11PM also meant the boys slept in until well after 8 this morning - quite unusual!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A long, long car ride

We left the house Wednesday morning at 4:38AM. We arrived in Allentown at 9:27PM. It was a long, long drive. But, I'd rather do it all in one day than stretch it out over two days. The boys, as usual, were great. They watched movies most of the time, plus played a little Trivial Pursuit. We only put the DVD players in the car for long trips, so it's quite a treat for them and keeps their interest.

When we pulled up, Jonathan was right there at the front door waiting for us. He gave me the biggest hug ever. He had a great time with the grandparents, but definitely missed us and his brothers. In fact, it took until about 9:00 the next morning before they started to fight. They must have really missed each other!

Yesterday it rained all day, so we just hung around the house and unpacked. Today the weather is nicer, and we're going to the Reading Phillies this evening. Should be a nice night for a ball game, as long as the coming storms stay away for a few more hours!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Visits with friends

We were lucky this week to have visits from two friends we have not seen in a long while. First came Cathy, who went to Wittenberg with us, along with her two daughters, Lily and Kate. They were delightful, and we had a wonderful afternoon at the beach, followed by dinner.

Then today Cassidy, our former next door neighbor, and her cousin Timmy came to play for the day. They had a blast.

The boys begged me to let them stay for dinner. "We'll make dinner!" they insisted. So Chris and I were treated to a meal of spaghetti, corn, broccoli, and applesauce. They needed supervision, of course, but for the most part they cooked it themselves.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Making waffles

The other day the boys were hungry and wanted waffles. They made the waffles themselves!

Alexander and Benjamin worked together to make the mix. Benjamin poured it in.

And what was Jonathan doing all this time? Hiding in the cabinets, that's what!

It sure looks like fun!

End of the Year fun

Here's our fifth grade graduate with his autograph hound

They had a big party for all of the fifth graders.

Receiving one of his many awards.

Alexander read a poem to his teacher, Ms. Mercado.

He's going to miss her!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My family

Here's Jonathan's art project that he brought home. I quickly went out and bought a frame. It's a picture of our family. Karen is in the middle, Chris is on the lower left (notice the goatee), and the boys are up top. I thought it was pretty darn good for a kindergartener!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A week without Daddy

Chris left for Nebraska yesterday at around noon. As of now, 9:30AM, he's still not in Omaha. He got into Atlanta early, then flew out late to Chicago. There was bad weather in Chicago, so after circling the airport for awhile, they landed in St. Louis to refuel. He eventually made it to Chicago, where he stayed overnight. Someone paid for the hotel, not sure if it was the airline or the travel agent. As I type, he should be on a plane toward Omaha.

Why is he there? He is going to the University of Nebraska to grade AP Economics test. This is about the fourth year he's done it. They grade all day, from 8-5, so he really earns his pay. At night, they hang out, go to movies, catch a baseball game, and drink. Lots of fun.

This is my last week of school, so I asked Dad to come down and help me out. He's making sure the house stays picked up (for potential buyers) and picking the boys up/running errands/etc. It's a lone week without Chris, but we'll definitely stay busy with the end of school. Then a week later we'll be off to Allentown for our annual summer trek.

Right now I am on a field trip. I took my class to an indoor playyard called "let's play." We're staying here all day, while they play and I catch up on all my computer work. They even have a treadmill for the adults to use. If only we could come here every day....l