Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last run of 2012

This morning Chris and I did our last run of the year. We usually do our long runs on Sundays, and today was no exception. We were originally going to do it on Saturday, but the threat of rain made us move back to our normal Sunday. What I did not realize is how COLD it was! It was 39 degrees, but with a wind chill below freezing. I wore gloves, a hat, and two long sleeve layers. I wonder if I would be a runner if I lived in a different climate. I'd rather run in our humidity than freezing weather.

That being said, we completed 7.8 miles. We had intended to do 8, but at the end of our route we had not quite made it. I was ready to stop - my body was tired from Body Combat Class on Friday and Body Flow Class on Saturday. Love those Les Mills classes!

Tomorrow is a day off - I have exercised 6 days in a row and need the break. Then Tuesday starts the new year! Looking forward to beginning it at the Y at 8AM for Body Combat, then a short run on the treadmill to start racking up those miles.

Friday, December 28, 2012

First Steps

Before January 1st, I have a few things I need to do to prepare. I have already bought a new pair of shoes that I used for the Thanksgiving 10 mile race. I'll need at least one and maybe two more pair by the end of the year. I did not, however, have a journal to record my miles. I usually use one from Runners World magazine, but it is full. We went to Barnes and Noble today, where all of the calendars were half off. I picked up a 2013 weekly planner where I can record my running and other workouts. I also ordered a copy of Train Like a Mother, which will help me train for the half marathons. Chris and I need to begin our traning for the Daytona half in the beginning of January - hopefully it will get here by then.

We did also go to Spikes to buy shoes for Dad, Benjamin, and Jonathan. The rest of us all have new running shoes. Benjamin also bought yet another pair of Vans for his skateboarding. I expect all of us to do more running as I complete this endeavor.

New Year's Resolutions

I'm not a big person for New Year's resolutions. If I'm going to make changes in my life and habits, I'll do it immediately and not wait for some arbitrary day. This year, however, I was intrigued by something I saw on facebook. I saw a post by anothermotherrunner highlighting a woman who had set a goal to run 1,000 miles in 2012. She completed it right before Christmas.

I run a lot, and I usually keep track of my miles as I am training for different races. I've never kept track of how many miles I've run in a full year, though. I have NO IDEA how many it would be. So I started doing the math. 1000 miles divided by 52 weeks = 19.2 miles a week. 1000 miles divided by 12 months is 83.3 miles a month. 1000 miles divided by 365 days = 2.7 miles a day. Currently, I am running somewhere between 12-18 miles a week, depending on the week. I never run every day, but I run at least three times a week, and usually 4. We tend to do a long run of 6-10 miles on the weekend and then shorter runs of 3-4 miles sprinkled throughout the week, depending on our schedules.

So, I've come up with my goal for the new year. It's not a resolution, because I already run regularly, but it is instead a (lofty!) goal. I think it is doable, for we'll be training for at least two half marathons this year, if not three. We are running the Daytona Beach half in February and the Lighthouse Loop half in October. If we're lucky, we'll get into the lottery and be able to run Grandma's half in Duluth in June. 

I am officially reviving this blog which has sat empty for the past half year. I hope to keep track of my miles and probably some mishaps along the way. Join me if you wish - make up your own goal or follow me as I pursue mine. Happy running!