Saturday, September 26, 2009

We were so excited when we went by the house yesterday - the roof is now shingled!

Inside the house are the ceiling and wall boards, waiting to go up.

All of the lower wood is now green - it's been treated for bugs.

The air conditioner is all hooked up and ready to go.

The archways are in, too.

I guess the plumbing is done - all of the tubs and showers are full of water.
Archway in our bedroom

Steps, also treated

Thursday, September 24, 2009

More work on the house!!!

Wires, wires everywhere!!!
The kids loved the insulation around all of the wiring - called it marshmallows

Looking thrilled, as usual

Isn't this stuff weird looking???

Mom and Dad's tub with plumbing

The boys found a tortoise hole in the backyard, along with footprints

Jonathan's windows

Our back porch light hook-up

Our main electrical wires

Our bathroom, wired, and plumbing started

Our bathroom - ventilation fan and light hook-up

Jonathan in his room

Some kind of ventilation pipe?? It goes from the laundry area, through Alexander's closet, and up and out the roof.

We had some rain this week, so the back retention area is a bit wet.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Electric, plumbing, and air conditioning

Lots of work going on in our house! Here's our tub and sink, with some of the pipes ready. We now have all but one of our windows.

Our shingles, just waiting to be nailed on. They can't put them on until the roof has been inspected. There are a bunch of roofs like this in the subdivision.
View from the front

Here's our air conditioner, with the blueprints just squished in next to it. Way to take care of them, guys!
Here's mom and dad's bathroom. The shower is ready for the hot and cold water.

They keep all of the pipes together with this purple gunk. It's splashed on the floor, too.

Upstairs, all of the electric wiring is done. Now we can't "walk through the walls" like we have been used to.

Hmmm...was there no paper around? I don't usually use wood to write myself messages.

These are the exhaust pipes, with some sort of insulation around them. It looks very space age to me.

This picture reminds me of a man in a space suit, glued to our roof. Who knew we had so much behind our walls and above our ceilings? Not me.

The boys will have these vents above their doors. I sense a spying opportunity.

The first floor has not yet been wired - the wires are hanging down, waiting to be installed.

Mom and Dad's window

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Duct work and plumbing

A few pictures from the work they did today. I'd label them, but I'm not sure what everything is. I'll be back tomorrow to see what else is done. As far as I can tell, the plumber drilled some holes and left small pipes laying around, and the airconditioning guy put in the two units and some of the duct work. I'm always excited when they do something!!!

Star Wars funny

This is great - especially when you grew up with a Star Wars fanatic!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lots of work was done on the house today. They framed the wall under the stairs.
The plumber was there, too. Here are a few of the pieces. I couldn't tell what other work was done because the air conditioner man was busy upstairs and I didn't want to get in his way.

Here is our downstairs airconditioner.

They also wrapped the house. We'll be going to the website to learn what it is and why they do it. I'm not quite sure.

The roofers were there, too, putting down the tar paper.

Close up of roof
Here's our new electrical box. You may recall a previous picture of one. That one is gone, and this one reappeared, on the OTHER side of the house. I'm sure there's a story behind that...

Side view