Saturday, April 6, 2013

A bit of a setback

Well, I when I set my goal of 1,000 miles, I didn't plan to get sick. I planned to be healthy all year. Unfortunately, that was not to be. I came back from Duluth with the start of a cold that turned into a sinus infection that needed two rounds of antibiotics. I am just now feeling well enough to be running full speed again. This week I managed a mere 6.5 miles, but I did take body combat three times. Tomorrow morning Chris and I will be up and running before church, so that will bring me up to at least 12 miles for the week. As it stands, I have run 185.2 miles this year. It is still possible to hit 1,000 miles, but it will take a concentrated effort to get there. Next week I plan to run at least 15 miles, and build up from there. I need to be careful not to get back too quickly and injure myself. Oh, and I need to put down the Easter candy!!!