Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last run of 2012

This morning Chris and I did our last run of the year. We usually do our long runs on Sundays, and today was no exception. We were originally going to do it on Saturday, but the threat of rain made us move back to our normal Sunday. What I did not realize is how COLD it was! It was 39 degrees, but with a wind chill below freezing. I wore gloves, a hat, and two long sleeve layers. I wonder if I would be a runner if I lived in a different climate. I'd rather run in our humidity than freezing weather.

That being said, we completed 7.8 miles. We had intended to do 8, but at the end of our route we had not quite made it. I was ready to stop - my body was tired from Body Combat Class on Friday and Body Flow Class on Saturday. Love those Les Mills classes!

Tomorrow is a day off - I have exercised 6 days in a row and need the break. Then Tuesday starts the new year! Looking forward to beginning it at the Y at 8AM for Body Combat, then a short run on the treadmill to start racking up those miles.

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