Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Science Lesson!

Yesterday afternoon, the boys were insistant that we come outside right away!! They had found this incredible moth. It was so still, only moving a bit in the breeze. So still that it looked just like a leaf. Here's how big it was - the size of Jonathan's hand. It stayed around for quite away, finally flying away. We couldn't believe how big its body was.
Well, later that night we found out why. This moth is not the most intelligent - it layed its eggs right under our car!!! We watched them come out - incredible. We didn't use the car all weekend, but will have to tomorrow. I went outside and took the eggs. I'm going to take them to my classroom so hopefully we can see the whole cycle. Right now we have tadpoles that have been there since the second week of school. They STILL don't have legs. Here's hoping the butterfly will be more of a success.

Last night, Jonathan finally pulled out his wiggly tooth. Isn't he cute? One of my facebook friends suggested simply paint his face orange and he can be a jack-o-lantern for Halloween. That idea didn't go over too well with him, though.