Monday, June 13, 2011

A day in Indianapolis!

We spent today in Indianapolis. Initially, we thought we would drive downtown, but at Loui's suggestion, we decided to visit a state park instead. What a perfect choice. After we let the boys sleep in (till 9:00!!), we had breakfast and drove about 10 minutes. We spent the morning hiking, running, and playing on the playground. Loui came home from work at the same time we got home, so we had lunch together and spent the afternoon visiting. Then she cooked us a fabulous dinner of ribs, which we shared with her parents. Cap the evening off with four square and dessert, and you have a perfect day!

Not sure how I uploaded two of the same picture....

Four square in Loui's backyard
Carl getting the ribs out of the smoker. Yum!!!

The boys found ways to entertain themselves, as usual.

Loui's parents

Loui and Carl

A slightly blurry picture of Chris and I. Appropriate after having 2 glasses of wine.
While we were eating dessert, a hot air balloon flew right over us!

Balloon again

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