Thursday, July 31, 2008

Munich pictures

This is Dachau, a concentration camp. It was a work camp, not an extermination camp, but it was a powerful visit.

Artwork; never again

While the Seabreeze group went to Dachau, I took the kids to the Munich zoo. They spent as much time at the playgrounds as they did looking at the animals (which was fine with me because I could sit!) This is the coolest slide the boys saw all trip. You climb up inside, then go down the slide!!
They loved this one...notice it is flush to the ground so you can't get dragged under it while going around.

While walking around, we looked up and saw this monkey above us. They fed it granola bars as Benjamin proclaimed it was the highlight of his trip.
Downtown Munich, the famous glockenspiel.
This is one of my favorite pictures. As you can see, Jonathan made friends with many of his "teenagers."
Benjamin and I saw a ballet here in the Munich opera house. We were sitting on the top tier. It's quite a grand house, and we loved the ballet.
After visiting Dachau, the group went to the BMW plant. How's that for a unique building?

As usual, Alexander shows remnants of his ice cream.

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