Sunday, July 13, 2008

Stockholm, day 2

Today was another full day. We began by taking the "T" to a "tower" that looks out over Stockholm. It's not very impressive, and didn't give the greatest views, but I took some decent pictures. We then went to a newer museum, the Nobel Museum. Chris and I could have spent 2 hours there, but the kids lasted about an hour. Benjamin listened to all of MLK's acceptance speech and was quite impressed. It was a neat museum, giving the history of the Nobel prize and the winners. Did you know that Alfred Nobel invented dynamite? I didn't.

Our next stop was the Postal Museum, which traced the history of the Swedish Postal Service. Jonathan loved all the vehicles. The kids section opened at noon, and they loved it. Each of them made their own postcard, and then the employees gave them a stamp and they mailed it! Cool, huh?

We left there and walked to see the changing of the guard, which wasn't nearly as impressive as the queen's birthday parade in London. Oh well. After a bite to eat (pizza, again! It's cheap, the kids like it, and we can share! Today we had ham, pineapple, BANANA, and curry), we took a bus to the Music Museum. Unfortunately, we had only 90 minutes, but I think the boys could have stayed all day. Finally, we walked to a park, where they played for a long time. At 7:00, we dragged them out, returned to the hotel, had a bite to eat, and put them to bed. Hopefully by the time I get back to the room they will be fast asleep.

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