Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lucerne pictures

Welcome to the next batch of pictures. I had a difficult time choosing them, since they were so beautiful. This first one is the boys' favorite. As we were driving through the alps, they got excited every time they saw snow on the top of a mountain. They were convinced they would be playing in snow. We were worried that they would be disappointed. They were SO excited when we got to the top of Mt. Pilatus and they saw this hunk of melting snow. Here they are running up to the snow and kicking it. It is one of the highlights of their trip. To us, though, we only saw the mud in which they were standing.
We decended the mountain in this car. What a gorgeous ride.
View from the top, looking down on Lucerne

Many of the buildings in Lucerne were painted in this style. I just kept snapping picture after picture.
The famous bridge has paintings all along it. Part of the bridge burned a few years ago, so some of the artwork was lost. What remains, though, is amazing.
The bridge is behind Chris. This is one of many sleeping Jonathan pictures we have.
Here we are, at the top of the mountain!
One of our first glimpses of snow

Can you believe this was the view out of our hotel? You can't tell, but they are staring at a huge mountain that happens to be covered in clouds. What a way to wake up every morning.
We took this picture to remind us of all the ice cream we consumed on this trip. We tried the ice cream in every city. It's an easy snack, and we know the boys will like it. The ice cream was delicious.
Alexander in front of the famous Lion Monument in Lucerne
Here is the whole family on the bridge.
Our tour guide was Hartwig. We loved him, and the teenagers especially enjoyed him. He's German, and was a big help as we came to the German speaking countries.

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