Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Serengeti Park

We had a great day today. We went with Inid's family to the Serengeti Park. It begins with a bus ride through wild animals - you can choose to drive your own vehicle, but since we're borrowing Hermann's, we though he would appreciate it if we used the bus instead. There was a nice petting/feeding area. The giraffes came right up to the bus while the guides fed them - very exciting.

Next, we went into the park itself. They had rides for every age, and there were no lines. I mean that literally - there were no lines. When the ride stopped, people just walked on. It was about as opposite to Disney as you can get. There were no workers to help you on, and some of the rides had one worker to start three or four. Being American, I saw it all through the eyes of a lawsuit waiting to happen. It is really sad what has happened to our country with the fear of litigation. This place had no safety rails, or any of the other things we have come to expect.

Lastly, all of us but Jonathan did high ropes. Benajmin, Alexander, and I went first, then Benjamin went back on with Chris and Mattias. It was challenging but lots of fun. Now we are all filthy, and ready to shower and get to bed!! Tomorrow we're hanging around the house, getting a tour of the greenhouses and swimming in a local lake. What fun!

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