Saturday, July 12, 2008


Today was our first full day in Stockholm. We began with a boat ride to Vasa Museum. The Vasa is a ship made in the 1600's that sank on it's maiden voyage. Yes, as they launched it for the first time, it listed back and forth, and promptly sank into the sea!! In the 1950's, it was rediscovered, and subsequentally brought back up. It now resides inside a huge museum, and it is simply fascinating.

Next we walked across the street to a museum devoted to Astril Lingren, the children's author of Pippi Longstocking. We went on a great "train" ride through all of her stories. We then visited an aquarium and Stansen, the world's oldest open air museum. It reminded us of St. Augustine and Williamsburg. It was a full day.

Now the boys are begging for me to get off so they can check their webkinz account. Looks like my summary is done.

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