Saturday, July 5, 2008


We spent today at Legoland and had a blast. Jonathan was enchanted with all the lego creations (there were lots of vehicles). He kept looking at them and saying "they are so adorable." He was adorable saying that. And now from Benjamin... favorite ride at legoland was power builders. in this ride, an assistant gives you a card. you take the card and enter it into a computer slot. then, you choose the intensity level and the moves you want the ride to perform. after that you continue to the ride area. you get on a robotic arm with your partner, and ride it in special seats! It was awesome and I rode it 7 times.

...The boys met a teenager previously from Ohio but now living in Finland. Nash hung around with us for most of the day and took the boys on all the water rides. We had a great day and got our moneyĆøs worth.

Big day of travel tomorrow, as we go to Odense, so we are off to bed.

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