Monday, July 21, 2008

Innsbruck Pictures

On our travels to Innsbruck, we drove through the tiny country of Liechtenstein. Here's proof that we were there.
Akexander and Benjamin also got their passports stamped. It cost 3 Swiss Frank, but one of the other parents had extra coins and gave them to us. When exchanging money, you cannot exchange coins! I didn't know that until this trip.
At night, Benjamin, Alexander, and I went to an Austrian folk performance. it was very similar to what you see at EPCOT's Germany pavillion.
Our hotel was located up a moutain next to this church. The ride up was harrowing - on a huge tour bus, going around hairpin turns on a one lane road. I'm glad I was a passenger!
Benjamin took this picture of us standing on our hotel deck (!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Another view from our hotel
And another. That is the city of Innsbruck you see at the bottom.
Innsbruck was hosting some of the European (soccer) cup games, and they had a huge pedestrian area set up for spectators. Benjamin is the only one of the five of us who dared to try the bucking bronco. He stayed on for a good thirty seconds, I think.
A view of the street - with a mountain the in the background and soccer balls above.
The architecture was amazing, and there were flowers outside just about every window.
Inside St. Peter's Dom
Here's most of our group (except those who were snapping pictures).

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