Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ottersberg pictures

Ottersberg is where we spent a week and a half. We stayed with Hermann and Judy, Chris' dad's cousins. Right next to them live Inid and Matthias and their two children, Joel and Elias. The boys probably liked their time in Ottersberg the best; it was relaxing, and there was plenty of room to play and run around.
The family owns huge greenhouses, and produce 20% of Germany's Heather (as seen in this picture.) On our first day, Elias, who is 4, took me on a tour of the greenhouses and told me (in German, of course) how all of the machines work. When I got the English tour later, I realized that he was right - he knows how everything works.
Jonathan thought this was cool - it moves down the rows, watering the plants.
Besided the greenhouses, they have beautiful plants and flowers all around their house.

Here Benjamin is teaching Joel how to blow dandelion seeds. I'm not sure if they appreciated all of the seeds flying around...
We went to two big parties to watch Germany play in the semi-finals and finals of the European world cup. We all got into the spirit with face paint and Germany clothing.

The boys with Frank, Hermann and Judy's son-in-law, who owns the greenhouses behind him. They grow plants for cemetaries.

Some local TV reporters came to the party, and I think we were on TV. Notice here he is interviewing Kiersten, while hiding the beer bottle behind him so the camera can't see it.

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