Monday, July 28, 2008

State College

Chris and I are in State College, visiting Jeff. He took us on a tour of the campus. It's gigantic. We even got our picture taken by the famous Nitany Lion. We took him out to dinner at BigBowlNoodle House, which is appropriately named. Yes, our food came in big bowls. We the walked a little more, up to the famous creamery for huge ice cream cones. (I'm seeing a pattern here.) I had "death by chocolate," but should have gotten my money back since I'm still alive. 

Penn State is very impressive, and Jeff really likes it here. He walks everywhere. Right now he is taking intensive German, so he and Chris talked German for awhile. Now we have to get on the road so we're home before midnight. It was a fun visit, though, worth the three hour drive.

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