Monday, July 21, 2008

Europe in Alexander's words

Here is a copy of what Alexander emailed to his teacher. It's a nice summary of what impressed him on the trip.

Our trip was really awesome. First we went to London and we went on the London Eye and saw Big Ben. Then we went to Paris and went to Versailles and saw all the paintings there. We also saw the Eiffel Tower and went up to the second level. Then we went to Lucerne, where we went up Mt. Pilatus. There was actually some snow up there! We got to kick it. It was also a very good view. It is one of the top ten highest mountains in the world (we think). We were above the clouds.

I liked Ottersberg, where we stayed in Germany. We stayed at our relatives' house. They had a go cart and greenhouses. They also spoke very good English. In Denmark and Sweden the people spoke a lot of English. There were lots of Metros. We went to Legoland there. I really liked all the rides. And I liked the mini city made out of legos.

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