Friday, July 18, 2008

More London Pictures

Last night I realized the monumental task ahead of me with the pictures. I have downloaded all of them onto the computer, but have only looked at the ones from London and Lucerne! At about 10 PM, I finally finished editing all of the London pictures, so here are a few more, just to give you an idea of what we did. We were only in London for 2 days, which is barely enough time to recover from jet lag. But it did give the boys a small taste of the British. We took this first picture on our quest for Platform 9 3/4.
The British Museum is amazing. This is what you see as you enter. There are treasures in the museum from all over the world. Benjamin wanted to spend the entire time in the Greece wing, but we pried him away for a bit to go see some other objects. We spent a mere 90 minutes there, which was just enough time for us to realize what we were missing!
Any time we were in a museum, you would find Alexander, staring at the displays. He loves detail and was fascinated by just about everything. I would say, "Come on, Alexander, it's time to move on" and he would inevitably reply, "Wait! I'm looking at this!"
This is an individual capsule on the London Eye. Not for those who are afraid of heights, that's for sure.
The boys soaked in the amazing views during the 35 minute journey.
Cobblestone streets abounded. They look beautiful, but can start to wear on your feet after awhile.
Benjamin took this picture on our first day in London. Can you find Jonathan?
The Queen's birthday celebration meant everything was decorated in the British was so picturesque.
The size of the buildings is truly amazing, isn't it?
We have many pictures of Jonathan asleep on someone's shoulder. Here he missed the mummy display at the British Museum. Benjamin was fascinated because he studied both Egypt and Greece in third grade. Alexander will be studying them this year - he'll be light years ahead of his classmates!

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