Friday, July 25, 2008

We're in Allentown/Heidelberg

We have made it to Allentown, after 16 1/2 hours in the car. Believe it or not, we did it in one day, and the boys were fabulous. That's actually an understatement. We hardly heard a peep or complaint out of them, probably due to the 3 DVD screens and 3 Nintendo DS's. Whatever works. We arrived on Tuesday evening and have spent the last two days relaxing in the beautiful Pennsylvania summer weather. This morning we walked to a neighboring berry farm and picked about 11 pounds of blueberries. Now we're sitting in Panera bread, getting a fix of the internet. This afternoon we'll take theboys to Wehr's dam to play in the river.

We have also managed to sort through and edit the rest of our Europe pictures, which was quite a chore. Posted below is a picture from our short stop in Heidelberg, where our bus took us to the top of a mountain to see an old castle. We then walked down an incredibly steep stone street to explore the town. You can see from this picture how old the castle is and how high up we were. What an amazing view!

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