Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another birthday week!

This week is the last of our birthdays for awhile. Today was Chris' birthday. He celebrated by playing ultimate frisbee, getting his school computer fixed, and going out to dinner. We just returned - Monterey Grill was great! He got a free dessert (not chocolate) and they sung to him!

I was successful exercising so far this week. On Monday and Wednesday I went to Body Combat, and on Tuesday I ran a "tempo run" of 6 miles at the treadmill at the Y. My tempo run consisted of a 1 mile warm up and then a 4 mile fast run, which for me was between 6.2 and 6.4 mph, with a few short walk breaks. Unfortunately, I returned home with something I can only call "bra burn." My bra rubbed me raw in two places, and now I smell like a baby with A& D ointment on me! I was not scheduled to run today and hopefully this will give me time to heal.

Weekly total: 6
MOnthly total: 74
Yearly total: 74

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