Saturday, January 26, 2013

Long Runs

I enjoy running by myself sometimes. It gives me a chance to catch up on the latest podcasts. I use the Stitcher app, which automatically downloads my podcasts as they are released. I listen to some political podcasts as well as my favorite NPR shows.

But I also enjoy the long runs Chris and I do together. Today we did 8.5 miles, which took almost an hour and a half. It was perfect weather. We spend much of the time bemoaning our educational system. But at least it gets it out of our systems before we are around the boys. They've heard quite enough of our attacks on certain administrative decisions. It also gives us a chance to catch up. It seems like the week speeds by so quickly we don't have time to stop, breathe, and talk.

This afternoon, after we had showered and eaten, we were driven to the library and Publix by BENJAMIN!!! He got his permit on his birthday on Tuesday, and has been eager to drive ever since. Chris does a much better job than I do - I am so nervous that I prefer to sit in the back.

Despite our busy schedule, I did get a fair amount of running in this week.

Monday - 3.0 miles
Tuesday - birthday, spent eating at the Chinese buffet (not my favorite place)
Wednesday - combat class, followed by 3 miles (not a good choice - exhausted afterwards)
Thursday - rest
Friday - 3 miles on our treadmill while watching Glee - I didn't realize it had started up again. What a pleasant surprise when I turned on the DVR
Saturday - 8.5 miles with Chris

Tomorrow we are getting up to do a shorter run, probably between 4 and 5 miles.

Weekly total - 17.5
Monthly total - 64.5
Yearly total - 64.5. I've now completed over 5% of my goal!

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