Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Double Workout

Wednesdays I always take Body Combat, and today was no different. I left before abs, though, so I could make up yesterday's run. I used the Y treadmill and ran 3 miles in 29:28. I love their treadmills - they are so smooth. All the treadmills have a TV attached, but I usually turn mine off and listen to my iPhone instead. My favorite app is Stitcher, which plays podcasts. Today I listened to Slate's Politico Podcast, which was very interesting.

I had a good morning, too. It was the first weigh in for my school's "biggest loser" contest. We had the option of weighing in before the holiday, and if we maintain or lose weight, we get part of the entry fee back. I was thrilled to weigh exactly the same - I know I had gained some over the holidays, but this resolution has help put me back on track.

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