Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas pictures.

 I have no run scheduled today - instead I am heading over to the Y at 6:45 to take a Body Combat class. We also did some yardwork today, so I'm definintely getting my excercise in! So I'll take the time to upload some Christmas pictures. The first is of the family at church on Christmas Eve. Benjamin played trumpet and Alexander played his tuba for both services.
 After we opened our presents, we pulled up Skype so we could open presents from the Martin's. What a fun way to be "close" to family at this time of year.
 Hmmm... I wonder what is in my stocking?
 Christmas morning
 Our presents from Jeff
Duct tape!
Our steps were filled with stockings, including Mom's, Dad's, and Jeff's, who were all here for the holidays.

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