Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We now have our air conditioners!

Tonight we rode our bikes by the house to see what progress was made. As we pulled up, Barry (the sales agent) had just finished showing the model to another family. He informed us that from now on the house will stay locked to prevent theivery. Bummer. So now we will have to time our drive-by's to coincide with the workers. He let us in, and here is a picture of the kitchen cabinets.

Can you tell that the front of our house looks a bit different? No longer can you see the insulation hanging out of the roof. They installed the aluminum things (neither Benjamin nor I can remember what they are called) right below the roof line. Barry says they are breathable and allow the air to flow in and out of the attic, helping with ventilation.

Close up of those things...

Inside, we saw the airconditioner controls. I sent Benjamin running around back to snap a picture of the airconditioners. I wonder which one is the top floor and which one is the bottom.
That's about all we had time for tonight - we had to get back before darkness fell. Dusk is a very unsafe time to be riding our bikes.

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Craig Weinrich said...

Aren't they called soffets?