Saturday, October 3, 2009

The insulation goes in

This week they put in the wall insulation in preparation for what I thought was called "drywall" but is actually "sheet rock." I'm learning something new every day.

Every outside wall has insulation on it.

Remember those broken roof trusses? Here is how they were fixed - two 2x4's nailed on either side of the break.

This shield is all around the top of the roof. It looks cardboard, so I'm sure it's just temporary (better be) to keep the insulation from getting wet.

There's only a bit of insulation in the ceiling so far - at each corner.

The main electrical box.

The garage

This morning, when Chris and I ran by the house at 6:30 AM (!!!!), a crew was there putting this over the "housewrap." They were still working when I snapped this picture at 5PM. I'm telling you, construction workers work long hours, and they work hard! The house is now ready for stucco, which will be applied as soon as the sheetrock is in place. As the man explained to me, if you try to nail in the sheetrock after the stucco is on, it could dislodge some of it. And you definitely can't do both of them at the same time.

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