Sunday, October 11, 2009

The walls are done and ready for paint.

We stopped by the house Saturday morning to check out the walls. They have finished all of the seams. This is a closet - you can see the edges aren't finished. It took me awhile, but I finally figured out that is where molding is going to go.
Going up the stairs. It's a good thing the stairs are going to be covered with carpet - they are a royal mess!
Jonathan is standing in the formal living room/dining room.

Here's mom and dad's room. The archway leads to the bathroom.

The hallway upstairs. I feel like I should have brought a broom.
The loft. We're going to put wall-to-wall bookshelves on the left-hand wall.

Whenever Chris and I run together, we always make sure to go by the house. This morning we had a 10-miler to do. At mile 7, we arrived at the house and took a break to look inside. We discovered that they had textured the walls yesterday! Here's a close-up of the texture.
The family room, ready to be painted.

Yet another huge pile of trash. Yuck.

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