Monday, October 5, 2009

The walls are up!

The front of our house now looks "real." It is awaiting the stucco on the outside. On Saturday they prepped it.
They put these metal grates at all the outside corners or intersections.

And the windows

Then we went inside to look at the walls that were put up on Sunday. They put up all of the walls and ceilings in one day! Here's Alexander at the entrance to Gram and Pop-Pop's room.

Standing in Mom and Dad's room. The two closets are on the outsides, and the middle arch is the walkway to their bathroom. Shower/toilet on the left, sink/tub on the right.

Here's how they prep for the final drywall coating. They still have to come in and tape up all of the seams.
Here is our "Harry Potter" space under the stairs.

Looking into the loft, after just coming up the stairs/

A crooked picture of the upstairs master bath.

They have created quite a load of trash this week. It was emptied last week.

Benjamin's room/closet
Alexander's room/double closets

Here's what they used for the ceilings. I wish I had seen them install it. There was a crew of at least 4 men, if not more.

The bathroom that Alexander and Jonathan will share. When I took the picture, I couldn't tell that the top was blue - it's too dark to see much inside. They must put the lights in soon, if only so that the contractors can see to do their work.

Standing by Alexander and Jonathan's room, looking down the hallway towards the front of the house.

I had a few more pictures that didn't come out well due to the low lighting. As the boys keep saying, it now looks like a "real house." How exciting!!!!

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