Monday, October 26, 2009

Landscaping and Quilt

Many years ago, when I was a full-time mom, I got ambitious and started a scrap quilt. I cut up hundreds of triangles from material remnants and started piecing them together, making about 12 or so squares. Then I had a third child, started working part time, and it stayed under my bed in a box. When we moved to the apartment, I discovered it and handed it off to my mother-in-law, who makes amazing quilts. She quickly took on the project and was cranking out the squares. It's now done and ready for quilting! Incredible, isn't it????
Close up of the squares. Many of the squares on the outside are ones I made. Some of the fabric came from my mom and was used in some of my childhood clothes.

It's really fun to look at and remember the clothing from each fabric.

On another note, I drove by the house today and they were quite busy. There was a cleaning crew working on the windows and another man working on the sprinkler system.

Look carefully to see the tree that will be planted.

I took a quick peek inside and saw that they have begun to lay the floor!
Kitchen/dining room, awaitng completion

I also took pictures of the yard so we will know where the pipes are. He said he would be back tomorrow to finish up before they lay the sod.

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