Thursday, October 22, 2009

electricity goes in!!

When we stopped by this afternoon, we were unable to get in the house. I was, however, able to take some pictures outside and through the windows. We now have a back porch light. No back porch yet, but I'm sure that's coming soon.
The two air conditioners are in and hooked up. I could see the control through the window.

As usual, the plans are just strewn around. I took this through the dining room window. They had better do some serious window cleaning before we walk through.

The dishwasher and range hood are installed, as is the faucet. I'm assuming the faucets in the bathroom are in, too. You can even see the water connector for the fridge.

Looking through the front window, you can see our formal dining room light.

The pavers were put in. There's lots of sand on them, which I understand is how they are placed in.

Light next to the garage door.

Look - a doorbell!

Jonathan trying to get in the front door.

Benjamin and the house

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