Sunday, October 18, 2009

The painting continues...

Well, I was wrong about the exterior color. I thought the red was going on the trim, but it is going on the front door. We met the painter today and he said the door would be the very last thing - after the carpet, cabinets, and everything else is inside. That way the door won't get nicked as they bring things in and out.

Oops - once again I forgot to turn the picture. It shows some of our closet doors that were painted today. It's easy to paint when you don't have to worry about the floor!
You can see the insulation at the top of the house - they still need to put something there - not sure what it is called.

Our kitchen cabinets, awaiting installation.

We were disappointed to find out that not only are they doing just plain white, but they are also using flat paint in all the rooms and hallways. It would take about a week for the boys to make it dirty, if that. So we're planning on painting all of the rooms (except bathrooms, which are done in semi-gloss) before we move in. Good thing our closing date is a week before our move-in date! We're in the process of choosing colors right now, playing around on the Sherwin Williams web site. Even though it's a pain, I am excited to have COLOR in the house. I thought we were going to have all white walls, which is not especially appealing. More money, more work, but a better final product!

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