Sunday, July 1, 2007

Bear Creek Camp

After attending church this morning, we drove Benjamin and Alexander to camp! Alexander is staying for 3 days, and Benjamin is staying for the whole week. They both were excited. Benjamin is in the same cabin as his cousin Jack (hoping that will work!) and Alexander is in a group with his friend Emily. They both said goodbye easily and got right to meeting their new friends. We were especially proud of Alexander, who shed no tears!!!! What progress he's made in the past year.

Chris and I are staying at a quaint bed and breakfast called Settlers Inn in Hawley, PA. It's a sleepy town right by a big lake. We'll be here until we need to return to Bear Creek to pick up Alexander. We may try to canoe or tube down the Delware River. Or we may just stroll around the town, checking out the small shops. Definitely a quiet place to relax and celebrate our 15th anniversary, which is on Wednesday, July 4th.

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