Wednesday, July 18, 2007

NYC, day three

Right now I am sitting in Craig's office, which overlooks Macy's department store. This morning, we took a tour of Harlem. Much to our surprise, Harlem is now livable, and families have moved back into the area. Our local tour guide was quick to point out that this rejuvenation was happening before Bill Clinton set up his office in that area. She was a bit annoyed that the first question was not "where is the Apollo Theater" but "where is Bill Clinton's office?" She was quite talkative, offering us many personal anecdotes, but after three hours of that, we were ready to be on our own.

We took the express subway (what a great invention) down to the TKTS booth to try to snag tickets to an afternoon matinee. Unfortunately, all the shows we wanted to see were either sold out (Spring Awakening) or still too expensive even at half price (Mamma Mia). Instead, we walked down here to eat lunch with Craig and get some high-speed internet time.

Tonight we are meeting Beka Wedge and her fioncee Doug for dinner and then a They Might Be Giants concert.

Some additions from the past few days: Yesterday we visited the "bull" from Wall Street. It's a statue that suddenly appeared on Wall Street during the stock market plunge of 1987. It's now been relocated close to Battery Park. We were amused to see that it is anatomically correct. Some of our fellow teachers took some very interesting pictures... We're hoping they don't end up on myspace!!!

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