Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Our anniversary trip

We have had a lovely time here in Hawley. Settler's Inn has served us wonderful breakfasts. Check out this link to see our room:

Yesterday we spent the day walking around the town, browsing the shops (including a candy store!) We also went to Lake Wallenpaupack, a manmade lake. It was created in 1927 in order to make hydroelectric power. We also ran 5 miles, all of which seemed uphill.; When we get back to Florida, running will be easy!

Today we hiked a 3 mile trail. We looked for wildlife, and found lots of birds and a few chipmunks. We also walked around a different area of town for over an hour. It's not that big a town, but it is spread out.

What is most notable about today, however, is that we went HORSEBACK RIDING! This is a first for me. As you may know, I'm not much of an animal lover, so this was a big step. We really enjoyed ourselves, guiding our horses through the woods. We were even able to trot for a stretch. Chris has a sore butt, but he doesn't have much padding to protect it!

Tomorrow morning we pick up Alexander from camp. I'm excited to hear what he did. Hopefully he had a wonderful time and will be ready to go back again next year.

One other note - I added some more pictures to the photo link below. Now there really are Niagara pictures, plus more from PA.

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