Friday, July 20, 2007

NYC, day 4

Day four was an incredible day. We started with a guided tour of the Gilder Lehrman Museum of American History They had a fascinating exhibit on slavery in New York. We saw actual documents from Susan B Anthony and others. For all the history teachers on our trip, it may have been the highlight. Afterwards, the two of us walked across central park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We rented headsets that describe many of the paintings and other objects in the museum. We were there for about 3 hours, and saw maybe 25% of the museum. It was overwhelming.

We took the subway back to the hotel, and as we emerged, it was pouring. I'm talking about pelting, horizontal rain. Since we were going back to change anyway, we started walking. I've never gotten so wet from rain in my entire life. Not a piece of clothing was left dry. Our shoes were sloshing with water. And by the time we had walked the 4 blocks back to the hotel, the rain had stopped and the sun was breaking through. This morning as we packed, all of those clothes were still damp.

After a forgettable dinner, we went to see The Color Purple starring Fantasia. We didn't watch that season of American Idol, but I wish we had. She was absolutely phenomenal. It may have been the best broadway show I've ever seen. The music, the story, the cast, everything was amazing. If you ever are in New York, it's a must see.

Today we have a guided tour of the Museum of Natural History, then we are going to meet Chris' friend Rob for lunch. Then it's back to Allentown. We have only spoken to the kids once since we've been here. I'm sure they are doing fine and probably don't miss us much. We'll spend the weekend doing laundry and packing before our long drive home!

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Hey I must have been in the theater with was a great show, the best actually.