Friday, July 6, 2007

Hanging out in Allentown

Now that we're back from the Poconos, we've been relaxing here in Allentown. On the fourth, we had a get-together here. Chris, Emily, and Katrina Duque came on their way home from Bear Creek, as did George & Martha, Bob & Denise, Becky, Matt & Erin, Pete, and all of the Schaeffers. We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and finished off with smores. The kids played outside until the rain came. This was the first time we have seen a full day of rain since we began our trip. That night, we were treated to thunderstorms instead of fireworks.

Last night Chris and I finally saw the third Pirates movie. Yea! We enjoyed it, but I don't think I need to see it again. Today we went to the farmer's market and a local park. The farmer's market is great - it has the typical fruits and vegetables, plus meat, seafood, and lots of other foods, most fresh from the farm. If we lived here, we could do weekly shopping here. It's indoors, and they even have shopping carts for all of your purchases. The fruit is a bit more expensive than in Daytona. But here they are just really beginning their season, whereas it is about over in Florida. We sure timed that right. Tonight we are having sugar peas and string beans fresh out of the garden.

Craig and Liz are coming later tonight and staying through Sunday; Cindi and kids arrive here Sunday and stay through Tuesday. It will be a busy, exciting weekend - a bit different than the last two days where we were able to sit around and actually read a novel!!!!

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