Friday, July 13, 2007

Bear Creek Camp, part two, as dictated by Benjamin

On Wednesday morning, we woke up on our tarp and had breakfast, which was dry frosted flakes. I probably had ten handfuls. Once we had our food, we put our gear in our backpacks, put our backpacks on our shoulders, and started hiking back. My backpack had to have the compost in it. It was a lot heavier. Luckily, the hike back only took us about 15-20 minutes. Our counselors were very proud of us.

When we got back, we unpacked. I put my sleeping bag back onto my bed, brushed my teeth, and then went outside to play "man from mars." That was what try-camp was playing, so we decided to join in.

We went on a nature hike that afternoon. We hiked all the way to a stream. There, we took out nets and caught critters like crayfish, water striders, and land beetles. We even caught a BIG spider. I thought that was one of my favorite parts. We hiked back and then went to general swim. After general swim, we had rest hour, which I did not like that much. The only reason I laid down was that there was a surprise coming up, or, so the counselors said. But I did trust them. What they said was true.

After rest hour, we went rock climbing. That was VERY fun. Basically what happens is you put on a harness which goes around your waist and a helmet. To keep you safe, there are six people on a belay team. They are hooked up on the rope on which you are hooked up to by your harness. If you slip, then their weight will be more than yours and you will just hang there. If they walk in, then you will lower. If they walk out, then you will get higher. My cousin, Jack, reached the top and kissed the red pole that was there. I don't know why, but the counselor said it was good luck. Jack was the only camper to do that.

After rock climbing, we ate dinner. Tonight was lasagna night. Yum. And, as usual, we went to canteen. We went to sleep after that.

On Thursday, we woke up at the bell, and ate breakfast as normal. Then we went to A and C, or, arts and crafts. There we made pet rocks. All we did was we went out side, got a rock of any size (just not a pebble) and then we painted it to look like a pet. Mine was not that big.

After lunch and dinner there was a dance. All of the girls were very, very very excited about it. The boys were not so sure. But, it did turn out to be fun. They played good music to dance to, and it even rained. They played the song called "no rain" and everyone danced outside. That was my favorite part. From then on, everyone was wet. Me and my group, as juniors, were the first ones to leave. Even after reading some of The Twits, we could still hear the dance going on, which wasn't very good for going to sleep.

After breakfast the next day, we went out to the upper A. There we played fun games with Ashley, who was in charge of the juniors. After lunch and dinner that night, we went to bonfire. There we sang fun, fun songs. It was basically like the day we got there, except it was the last full day. They had a very big fire that day. Probably because it wasn't windy.

The next morning was the day when we would go home. We woke up, had breakfast, played a little of man from mars, and then our parents came. We sang Pharoh, pharoh for them, and we saw some pictures that were taken from camp. That was all of my third time going to Bear Creek Camp. I am definitely going to go back next year.

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