Monday, July 9, 2007

A weekend with family

We spent the last three days with family. On Friday evening, Liz and Craig arrived, along with a basket of games. We spent the evening playing a fairly new game, Octiles. The next morning, we drove to camp to pick up Benjamin. I'll let him blog some other time about that. Needless to say, he had a great time.

That afternoon, we taught Liz and Dad to play four square. We played for almost two hours. We were trying to figure out how many Weight Watchers "activity points" we earned (maybe two???) We grilled brats for dinner and went to a DCI competition that night. Now, I didn't know what DCI was, but it turns out to be semi-professional marching bands with awesome flag corps. We took Benjamin and Alexander along and left Jonathan at home with Gram and Uncle Jeff. It was awesome! (except for the price - $20 per ticket with no discount for kids) We saw bands that Craig and Chris used to watch at home with Dad - their favorite being the Phantom Regimen. Liz had never seen marching bands, and she enjoyed it. Craig, Dad, and I all were in marching bands in high school, so it brought back good memories

Yesterday, after we went to church (and of course Perkins), Cindi came with her three kids. We drove over to Wehr's dam for a good time splashing in the water, throwing stones, and playing on the playground. Chris left to go to the Rush concert - friends in New Jersey just happened to have an extra ticket - and Cindi and I wasted two hours after the kids fell asleep watching The 40 Year Old Virgin. Admittedly, it was funny, but I won't bother to see it again.

Today it was horribly hot. It was forecast to hit 97, and at one point our van thermometer said 99!! In light of the weather, we opted for indoor activities, so we started with Ratatouille (really cute, more for older kids and adults) and then drove to Crystal Cave. This was very different from Mammoth Cave. It was much smaller, and filed with stalagtites and stalagmites. We had a very enjoyable tour that lasted an hour. Cindi then went on her way back to Lewisburg, and we are now in Allentown again. Tomorrow it is going to be 98, so we'll be looking for indoor/water activities. It's hotter here than in Florida!!!

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