Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bear Creek Camp as dictated by Benjamin

Last week I went to Bear Creek Camp. It is a camp in Bear Creek, Pennsylvania. You go there and sleep away for a week or two weeks if you're in high school. It is a camp consisting of four cabins, ten tents, and hundreds of acres of woodland. The first night when I got there, when everyone was there, we took a tour of the camp. We went to places like the lake, the tetherball court, and the upper A. After dinner, which takes place in one of the cabins, the counselors did skits for us. We also sang songs in between skits. I had no trouble at all getting to sleep that night.

The second day we woke up when the first bell rang. The first bell is one ring, the second bell is two. The first bell means wake up. The second bell means get out of bed. And the third bell, which is one ring also, says "time for breakfast." For breakfast that morning we had bagels, eggs, and pancakes. We went to swim at the lake after that. We had our swim test and then played a game. The water was very cold. We then went to the upper ashley and then played some games. They included Darling if you love me (a game I did not really like), Man from Mars, and The boat game. We then went to lunch, where we had sloppy joes and tater tots. That was one of my favorite meals. After lunch, we had general swim. That happened every day. It lasts two hours, and you are able to go either boating, swimming, or lie on the beach. After general swim comes rest hour. That is probably my least favorite time of day. It is just what it sounds like it is. You rest for an hour.

We then ate dinner. After dinner, you have to clean up, obviously. So, how that goes is, counselors decide on a game. Tonights game is freeze. All you do is the counselor yells, "Freeze!" and you do exactly that, you freeze. Three people that move after the counselor yells freeze are the cleaner-uppers. They divide three chores among themselves. One person does the cups, by dumping the drink into the compost bucket and them putting them in a rack. Another person does the silverware and that job works like this: you take the silverware off of peoples plates and then you simply sort them into a bin. One part of the bin is for forks, one is for spoons, and so on. My least favorite job is scraping. That is when you take the plates, you use a fork to scrape off all of the leftover food into the compost bin. I think now you can understand why it is my least favorite job.

After dinner every night we go to canteen. That is my favorite part of the day. When you go to canteen, the counselors give out canteen cards. The cards are divided into ten sections, and each of them say 65 cents. You go up to the counter of the canteen and then a counselor tells you what is there. It's candy or soda. Some candies included Twix, Twizzlers, Skittles, and Reese's. Sodas were things like Canada Dry and RC. In my time at the canteen, I either got Twix or Skittles.

The next day was Tuesday, our overnight day. Our overnight is where we hike into the woods about half a mile and then camp out. The only bad thing is, on the hike you carry about a 35 pound backpack that has stuff that you'll need for the campout like flashlights, sleeping bags, and food. We left for this around midday, and got to our camping place around one. We ate lunch there. After we ate, our counselors made a fire. It wasn't a bad one, either. For dinner, we had lazy lasagne. That is where you boil noodles over the fire, put in some cheese and spaghetti sauce, and then eat. It's very good. Jack, my cousin, ate about four bowls. We slept on a bed of ferns. Basically, what we did was put a tarp down and then put our sleeping bags down. We laid down on a bed of ferns, and went to sleep. That was a very fun night.

To be continued....(typist's fingers are falling off...)

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