Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We're finally home!!

Well, we made it. Yesterday morning we left Allentown at about 5 AM (pretty impressive, huh?) and started the big drive. We went through PA, MD, WV, VA, NC, and ended in SC. We arrived around 4 PM, which was pretty good time considering our passengers. Went to Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, where our friend Shelly works. Shelly was one of the members when we ran the youth group years ago. (It was a bit startling to hear that she is now 29 years old...) She took us on a tour and we had lots of time to visit. Benjamin especially was thrilled that she has two large dogs. I, on the other hand, reacted to them after a little while.

Shelley arranged for us to stay in one of the Seminary's guest houses on campus. It was wonderful! Much more comfortable than a hotel and lots of room for the kids to play.

This morning we left around 8:45, and arrived back here at 4ish. Yea! Jonathan had fallen asleep in the car, and when I woke him up in the driveway, he said "you brought me where I wanted to go!" He spent the afternoon rediscovering all his toys, occasionally walking into the living room with a truck saying, "I remember this one!" Very cute.

We now have the huge task of unpacking and putting everthing away. To make things harder, we don't have a power cord to our laptop yet (left it in the hotel at NYC...waiting for the new one to arrive in the mail...dumb, dumb, dumb) and thus have limited computer access until the mail comes tomorrow.

That's okay, though, because three of us are still trying to finish the new Harry Potter book. We've been taking turns reading. We've all taken a vow of silence until everyone is done. I'm about 2/3 of the way through, hoping to finish up tomorrow or Thursday.

Once our computer is up and running, I'm going to post the remainder of the pictures. We have a ton, as you can imagine, so I'll put the highlights here. Tomorrow morning I also have to run over to the kids' school because they posted not one, but two openings on the hotline yesterday. Here's hoping!!!

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