Friday, June 29, 2007

To Allentown at last!

Yesterday morning we enjoyed a great breakfast with JD, Lisa, and kids at a local restaurant. We then went to see the Erie Canal!! We were lucky enough to arrive just as a boat came through, so we saw it go through the three locks and raise up 60 feet. It was fascinating. Last year the boys sang the "Erie Canal" song in chorus, and now they understand it. We also visited a neat little museum about the Canal which had surprisingly good exhibits and a short film.

We then piled into the van for the drive to Pennsylvania. As we were going, I looked at the map and realized we would be within 10 minutes of Cindi and Tom (Chris' sister.) So we called Cindi and arranged to meet them for an hour in Lewisburg. They took us on a tour of their new farm. Right now the barn is being repaired and the old house is being torn down to prepare for the building of their new house. It was great to see them and finally see the property that we've heard so much about.

We then got in the car for one final time, and made it to Allentown at about 9:45. Today we're spending the day doing laundry and playing with all the toys. Benjamin and Alexander got all of Dave's old Star Wars toys out of the attic and have been playing happily ever since. Mom is in the garden, picking fresh peas and sugar peas for dinner. It's nice to finally be in one place and relax. Until Sunday, when we take the boys to camp. Chris and I will be staying in the Poconos for three nights while they are at camp to celebrate our 15th anniversary! We'll have high speed access then and hope to post some pictures from Niagara Falls and Lockport.

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