Sunday, June 10, 2007

Summer Trek, Day 2

Well, it's the end of day two, and we've driven over 1000 miles so far. We began this morning at Mammoth Cave National Park. It was incredible. We took a 2 hour, 2 mile walking tour of the cave. We went through "Fat Man's Misery" (you have to squeeze through some passages) and "Tall Man's Misery" where we had to crouch down to get through. Jonathan was loving it - he was just the right size for all of those areas. Unfortunately, it was too dark in the cave to take pictures. We even saw bats that our guide said were the size of "furry chicken nuggets."

Next we got in the van and started to drive to Indianapolis. On a whim, we decided to stop in Louisville and see the Louisville Slugger factory. We got there at 3:45, which was just in time for the last tour. Now the making of bats is almost totally automated, a lot different than when Chris visited it as a child. We all got small wooden bats as we left - haven't decided if that is a good idea or not. They made all the kids take a pledge not to use them as weapons....we'll see how long that lasts.

Now we're in Indianapolis at the home of Loui (Karen's college roommate) and Carl. Carl had a good time teasing Benjamin and threatening to make him sleep on a tarp in the back yard. I think the kids are all asleep upstairs, while we sit here and page through old photo albums. Tomorrow we're going to explore Indianapolis. I'll get some pictures of Loui and Carl tomorrow.

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