Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Toronto, Day Three as dictated by Alexander

Today we went to Casa Loma. It was really big. It was built in 1911. You could go to the very top. Usually you can see out the windows, but today they were building it back and the windows were covered. There were lots of rooms in it. When you come in, you get this cell phone thing that has numbers and other buttons on it. You press 101 to start. In most rooms, there's a number that you have to press to get information about the room.

Next, we went to a BIG museum. It told about in the 1800's. And some of the 1900's. There was a room that told about way back in the 1800's. And it kept on going back and back until it was almost to our time. (Royal Ontario Museum)

There was a room about Egypt, and they had real mummies. They opened one and there was a person in it. It was put in back before Jesus. It was creepy because you could see the old person. It looked all black because it's been in there for so long. But it wasn't to the bones yet.

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