Saturday, June 23, 2007

Summer Trek, Day 15

We spent most of the day today in the car. After leaving beautiful St. Ignace via the Mackinac Bridge (above), We drove to Flint, Michigan to visit their chidren's museum, which turned out to be small, but fun. The boys had a chance to work off some energy climbing the rock wall and playing with their vehicles. We then drove to Toronto. We got through customs easily, but suspect it won't be so easy on the way back into the US. The line to get into Canada was significantly shorter than the line to get into the states. We'll cross that bridge (literally and figuratively) when we get to it. We're staying east of Toronto in a hotel operated by Centennial College. Small room, but it was cheap, and it has internet access as well as an indoor swimming pool. We're all set.

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