Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Elmquist Family!!!

We're here in Rice Lake, visiting with the Elmquists. We haven't seen them since they moved at the end of December. It's neat how the kids were so excited to see each other and just started playing as if no time has passed. They've been playing happily now for almost 24 hours, with little to no fighting! It made us realize how much we've missed all of them. The adults stayed up late last night, just talking and catching up.

The town of Rice Lake is very quaint. Could we live here? In the summer, definitely. In the winter, probably not. There's something about their street that makes us sit lazily on the front porch, just relaxing and enjoying ourselves. We took a walk to Rice Lake, which was beautiful and only a few blocks away. It's a lovely midwestern town, made even better by the company and wonderful hospitality.

Tomorrow we leave for Michigan, and they leave for vacation in Ohio. We're spending some time today shopping and packing up our van. They have copied us once again and bought a Honda Odyssey just like ours!!! This is the second time we have had identical minivans. Hopefully we'll see them again soon, when they travel to Florida!

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