Monday, June 11, 2007

Summer Trek, Day Three

Indianapolis, IN. What a great city. We really enjoyed walking around today with Loui as our tour guide. All of the attractions in downtown are within walking distance of each other. Whenever we visit new cities, we always judge them by "would we live here?" Indianapolis is a town that seems very livable.

We spent most of the afternoon (and $100) at the Indianapolis Zoo, then visited their butterfly garden. On the way back to the car, we walked by the NCAA headquarters. We decided to poke our heads in the "Hall of Champions," and found a small museum. Since it was 30 minutes till closing time, they let us go in for free. It was awesome! They had an interactive exhibit on sports and science, and they even had a basketball court where you could shoot free-throws.

At closing time, we drove back to Loui and Carl's and had a grilled chicken dinner. Her parents, whom we haven't seen in years, joined us. We also played four square in their backyard. Did I mention that they have a great backyard? There's a small cement basketball court in the back that is conveniently divided into... what else... four squares! Of course, it seems like every house in Indiana has a basketball court somewhere. Another plus is the real grass - as opposed to Florida grass - that we ran around in. Just a great day overall.

Loui and Carl were gracious hosts. We haven't seen them in seven years. Hopefully our next meeting will be much sooner.

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