Thursday, June 14, 2007

Summer Trek, days 5 & 6

Day 5: Wisconsin Dells (as dictated by Benjamin)
We took a boat trip along the upper part of the Wisconsin Dells. We rode on a boat called the General Bailey. It had an upstairs and a downstairs and fitted more than 100 people. When we started our tour, there were a few signs of civilization, like houses and a resort. Farther down, there grew less and less of these signs.

Indians used to inhabit a lot of the upper dells. There are even a few cliffs named after them. One of them was named romance cliff. To determine if their marriage would last a long time, the priest threw a torch down into the water. If it reached the water without going out, then their marriage would last a long time and nothing would happen. But if the torch went out before it hit the water, the woman had a chance to push her husband off the 80 foot cliff into 100 foot water.

The indians named a few rock shapes. One of them is a triangle, and is called the giant shield.It is about 6 feet tall and rests along the water line. Once, the water touched the top of giant's shield.

After the boat trip, we spent 5 hours (about) swimming in the water park. There were two sections; one was outside and one was inside. The outside park had a lot of things to do, including two water slides, a lazy river, and small areas for kids to play in. One water slide is named Tahiti Twister. When you ride on it, you have to have an innertube, either a double or a single, and you have to be 36 inches tall. Then, you put your inner tube on top of a fountain which holds it there until you are ready to go. You sit down when the life guard allows you to, and then the lifeguard pushes you off. If you are in a single tube, you may ask the life guard to spin you, which sends you spinning around in circles, and sometimes you end up going backwards.

We're out of time, but Benjamin has lots more to say about this later.

Day 6: Wisconsin Dells, Rice Lake, and Duluth (by Karen, who is short winded)

As I write this, I am at the Elmquist's house in Rice Lake. We spent the morning getting our final rides at the water park. Then we drove to Rice Lake and got to see Jeff's church. We're at their house now, having dinner, and will then move on to Duluth (we'll be coming back here in a week for a longer visit.) Our posting will be a bit spotty, due to limited internet access, but we'll try to post something after the marathon.

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