Saturday, April 18, 2009

Turn Off Week!

Well, this weekend we are getting our last taste of screens for a week. Monday begins Turnoff Week. We'll be turning off our computer, Wii, and TV for the whole week The kids think they can't survive, but they're going to try it anyway (they really have no choice in the matter.) I'll still be using the computer for work (that's one of the allowed exceptions) and for email check every morning (to check for school-related emails) but that's it.

My school, at my suggestion, is participating too, so we have some fun activities planned. On Monday we'll have a family kickball game. Friday we're going to Splash Park, and on Sunday evening we'll go to the Cubs. The rest of the week I'm sure the kids will be creative and find things to do. As it is, we don't let them watch TV or play video games during the week anyway. They're acting like it's the end of the world but I doubt it will change much.

The best part is that this week's theme on American Idol is "disco." I couldn't think of a better week to miss!

Look here in a week for an update...and hopefully no one will catch me cheating on facebook!

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Rebekah said...

as you may have noticed, I have figured out a way to justify all facebooking at work, home, etc... it actually is important for me to regularly check it - still not as important as my regular email, but it is coming in a close second...