Monday, April 6, 2009

Slow but steady progress

We made some serious progress on the boys' rooms today. I spent just about the entire day going through their toys with them. Jonathan especially was willing to weed out the toys he no longer uses. His room now looks like this:

We have a basket full of toys to give away...

And this pile of things that need to be put in their proper places. I found all sorts of goodies - dice, yahtzee jr. pieces, barrel of monkeys, and tons of battleship pegs. We also threw away any toys that were remotely broken.

I sorted through the piles of outgrown clothing and now they are in neat stacks waiting to be put away in the garage.

Benjamin and Alexander's room now has a complete floor you can see. They played in it all afternoon. We also walked to Home Depot to pick out paint colors. They want bright red, bright blue, bright green, and bright yellow. Good thing this is not a democracy and we have the final say!

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